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Customizing Chart Presentation

You can use any charting library with the output from Popily's API. However you'll probably prefer to use our JavaScript library. It does useful things like selecting the most appropriate visualization based on the types of data being compared in any given Insight, automatically generates descriptions, and all of our visualizations are interactive and responsive out of the box!

Plus you have an enormous amount of control over how your visualization appears. For starters, here are the types of visualizations Popily can produce (we're adding more all the time!).

  • Bar charts/column charts
  • Stacked bar charts/stacked column charts
  • Grouped bar charts/grouped column charts
  • Line charts/time series
  • Stacked area/grouped time series
  • Scatterplots/grouped scatterplots
  • Gauge charts
  • Pie charts (we're not snobs)
  • Choropleth maps
  • Interactive maps (dots on a map)

Typically you'll add visualizations to the DOM using the handy getAndRender method, which retrieves an Insight from the API, decides how to visualize it, and draws it on the page. For example:

popily.chart.getAndRender('#my-element', {insight:'some-insight-of-yours'});

You can pass additional options to this method that give you fine-grained control over how your data is presented.

Option Description Example Values
chartType The type of visualization bar, barStacked, barGrouped, bubble, line, multiLine, stackedArea, gauge, pie, scatterplot, scatterplotCategory, choropleth, interactiveMap
colors A list of hex values for bars, pie slices, lines, etc. ['#eee', '#555']
xLabel String label for the x axis My X Axis
yLabel String label for the y axis My Y Axis
groupByColumn Column on the group by (aka z) axis. (The stacks in a stacked bar chart) Your Column Name
xColumn Column that should go on the x axis Your Column Name
height Chart height 500
width Chart width 500
rotated Rotate the chart so x axis is on the left instead the bottom true
title Chart title String of custom title. For auto-generated title, use true
xOrder Order of the x axis (like bars in a bar chart) a-z, z-a, asc, desc
barSize Relative size of bars in a bar chart .1
lineSize Size of lines in a line chart 3
pointSize Size of points in a scatterplot 3
chartBackgroundColor Chart background color #eee
cardBackgroundColor Background for the chart (and title)'s container element #eee
titleFontFamily Font of the chart title Arial
titleFontSize Size of the chart title 26px
titleFontColor Color of the chart tytle red
chartFontFamily Font of labels and text in the chart Lato
chartFontSize Font size of labels and text in the chart 16px
chartFontColor Font color of labels and text in the chart #eee
xGrid Vertical grid lines in charts true
yGrid Horizontal grid lines in charts true
xAxis Horizontal axis line in charts false
yAxis Horizontal axis line in charts false
timeInterval Display into time groups day, month, year
skipAnimation Skip the chart loading animation true
legend Display chart's legend false
xRotation Turn off x-axis label smart-rotation true
yRotation Turn off y-axis label smart-rotation true
var insightOptions = {
   chartType: 'bar',
   colors: ['#444', '#999'],
   chartBackgroundColor: '#eee',
   cardBackgroundColor: '#555',
   titleFontColor: '#fff',
   chartFontColor: '#444',
   xLabel: 'Thing on the Bottom',
   yLabel: 'Thing on the Left',
   groupByColumn: 'Store Location',
   height: 500,
   width: 500,
   rotated: false,
   title: 'This Chart Rules',
   xOrder: 'a-z',
   barSize: .5

popily.chart.getAndRender('#my-element', insightOptions);