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Popily frees you and your team from the minutia of building visualizations for each type of relationship you care about. Instead, just tell Popily the relationships you want and Popily's analytics engine does the restructing, calculations, and decision-making to create best-practice visualizations to represent that relationship.

In previous examples, we were interested in the categories: product and profit. Popily analyzed that relationship and returned a bar chart to visualize that relationship. But what happens if instead we are interested in the category of a product and the location of the order? Popily's analytics engine recognizes the difference in the new request and returns the right visualization.

var insightOptions = {
    source: 'sales-data',
    columns: ['Product Category', 'Location'],

popily.chart.getAndRender('#chart-1', insightOptions);

What if we were interested in the relationship between total profit and the state where the order was place? Popily's analytics engine recognizes this change and makes a decision to change the visualization type accordingly:

var insightOptions = {
    source: 'sales-data',
    columns: ['State', 'Profit'],
    calculations: [
        column: 'Profit',
        calculation: 'sum'

popily.chart.getAndRender('#chart-3', insightOptions);

Using Popily's powerful analytics engine, you can get entire dashboards, reports, or other analytics without constructing those visualizations by hand. With Popily, simply specify the relationship you want to see, and Popily makes all the decisions and calculations for you.