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Pop quiz! What is the best-practice visualization for representating an array of postively signed numeric values, an array of mixed-signed numeric values, and an array of named categories? How should this visualization change according to the values of each array? How much the data be restructured to fit the visualization? You might not have the answers on the tip of your tongue, but Popily does.

With Popily you do not need to think about "how" to structure, calculate, and visualize your data. Just ask Popily the relationships you care about. For example, imagine we are interested in profit vs. sales, grouped by customer segment when an order's profit is between $4,000 and $16,000.

var insightOptions = {
    source: 'sales-data',
    columns: ['Profit', 'Sales', 'Customer Segment'],
    transformations: [{
        column: 'Profit',
            op: 'gt', // Greater than
            values: 4000
            column: 'Profit'
            op: 'lt', // Less than
            values: 16000

popily.chart.getAndRender('#chart-1', insightOptions);

As can be plainly seen, Popily's powerful analytics engine frees you from having to be an expert in data visualization to create functional interactive visualizations. You just select the relationships you care about and Popily decides the best way to visually represent that data, then restructures and runs the calculations to make that visualization.